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Indigestion, constipation and bad breath

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Indigestion, constipation, and bad breath are among the most common and frequent ailments to beset us. It’s hardly surprising when you consider how busily the digestive system works all day long, supplied with almost constant food and drink. The meals that we eat are often too late, too much, too quick, too spicy, too fatty, and low in fibre; our chosen drinks are often fizzy, or caffeine-based; none of which helps our digestive systems to function at their best.

In addition to including more wholefoods and fibre-rich fruit and vegetables in your diet, fresh juices can help to keep the digestive organs healthy and well-toned. Better digestion means that more nutrients will be absorbed too.

Bad breath can be the result of  a number of things, including indigestion, constipation, illness, lack of food, dental decay, gum disease, and over-indulgence in rich, spicy food. As well as eating plenty of fibre-rich wholefoods to help the digestive process, some juices can help to freshen breath, especially parsley and carrot. Try these combinations.

Dilute with water if you prefer. Juice each ingredient then blend using a spoon.

4oz/115g parsley
3 large carrots


1 apple
2  stalks celery
2oz/50g parsley

These juices help nourish this area of the body. They are rich in the В group of vitamins, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and the mineral chlorine.


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